Social Entrepreneurship

I have decided to pursue Social Entrepreneurship as an alternative route. This seems like a really good option given that I have zero capital to invest (but time, energy and ideas aplenty) as well as a strong desire to help others. I can hopefully benefit my local community and pick up valuable management/PR skills along the way.

I have already sent out several emails and compiled a list of phone numbers. The most exciting thing so far has been receiving a reply from Ernst & Young. I obviously can’t disclose the content of the email without their permission; but I was quite impressed that they actually replied in a positive/constructive way. Lots of big companies like to put things on their websites about social entrepreneurship, but few of the others I contacted felt the need to respond to a small organisation like the one I am building. So thumbs-up to Ernst & Young for their help (I should mention I have never worked with/had any contact with them before this).

I will post more about the exact nature of my project [Photo’s included] this weekend!!! In keeping with the blogs title I will not be accepting any money from outside sources. I am determined to build the organisation on non-monetary donations from individuals and companies (such as volunteering space, time or ideas).

Over and Out,


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